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Tips to Prepare for Your Market Visit

Transporting Your Purchases

Plastic bags are available from most DCFM vendors. There is no charge to you. For several reasons it makes sense for you to bring your own reusable bags, be they canvas, recycled poly, or other material.

DCFM vendors pay for the bags from their own funds. A bag not used is money saved for the vendor. A stout canvas or poly bag of recycled material is far stronger than the plastic bags provided by vendors.

Reuse, reduce, recycle. Canvas and poly bags can be used hundreds of times. After unloading your purchases, see that they make their way back into your car. That makes for one less thing to remember when you head out to the market, grocery store, library, or other destination.

A Freezer in the Back
Whether you travel to the market from near or far, once in the area there is a lot to do. Have a meal before or after the market. Do a little shopping. Visit a museum. Relax on the Capitol Square lawn and people watch.

Avoid a big thaw or warm up by bringing a cooler with you to the market. Put it in the back seat or the trunk. That way  perishables and frozen items can be safely stored so you can maximize your enjoyment of all of the good activities that surround the Dane County Farmers’ Market.

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