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About Us


Marketing experts say your name should describe what you do. Our name is exactly what we do and who we are. Prime Urban Properties is a property management company that specializes in prime, upscale apartments and commercial properties located in urban areas in the Madison, Wisconsin area.


If you’re looking to rent a luxury apartment or find the best manager for your property, here’s two thoughts to consider. First, make certain the property management team is, well, prime; that they’re experienced, know how to maintain their buildings, inside and out. Second, and this is rare, but it’s a key difference maker, if a property management company actually owns buildings they manage, then you’ve got the best of all worlds because no one manages a property better than someone who is also an owner. And that’s prime, too.

We manage what we own so we are the best at managing what you own. With Prime Urban Properties you’ll have a better living experience all around whether you’re an investor, developer, owner, resident, or tenant.

When your property management company actually owns what they manage, you get the best of all worlds.