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Application Process

Thank you for your interest in Prime Urban Properties!

Ready to complete our application?

To apply for an apartment with Prime Urban Properties, click here: Online Application. You’ll register for the Tenant Web Access portal to complete the application and pay the $200 earnest money fee. Both the fee and the complete application must be received in order to hold the apartment and process the application.


***Application(s) must be complete and earnest money paid before processing begins***

All steps below must be complete in order to process your application. Send all accompanying documentation within a day of submitting your application to expedite the process. Apartments can only be held for a total of five business days; no exceptions.

  • Meet Rental Criteria or find a Co-signer who meets the criteria.
  • Complete an online application for each occupant 18 years or older. Include the correct building name and apartment number. Every application must be 100% complete, including signature, before processing begins.
  • Upload a copy of a valid (non-expired) government issued ID to the TWA portal or FAX to us at 608.233.7484.
  • Upload, email, or FAX one of the following (if SSN or other confidential information is included, send via FAX):
    • Your two most recent paystubs
    • Copy of employment offer letter on company letterhead (must include income/salary)
    • Copy of W-2 or two most recent tax returns
    • Pay $200 earnest money online at the end of the application. Once the application is approved, earnest money is applied to your security deposit and is non-refundable. This step must be done to begin processing.

Need a cosigner? Email their first and last name and email address to or have them complete the cosigner application online.


The following rental criteria must be met for all applicants, including co-signers, if applicable:

  1. A complete application for all adults (18 years old and up) who will reside in the apartment.
  2. Income verification showing a combined gross income of at least 2.5 times the monthly rent:
    • Two most recent pay stubs, an employment offer letter, W-2, OR two most recent tax returns.
    • If self-employed, submit two most recent years of tax returns or a letter, on letterhead, from your financial advisor.
  3. Housing verification:
    • At least one year of the two most recent years of positive housing history, in writing, from a non-family member/landlord.
  4. Background check:
    • Convictions related to property damage and/or violence may be grounds for denial.
  5. Occupancy – Limited to two persons over the age of two per bedroom/studio.

If any of the above criteria cannot be met, please have a co-signer submit an application for approval. Co-signers must meet numbers 1 and 2 above.