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Our Three Tenets About Tenants

Number 1. This is your home, and we want you to be comfortable, content and feel like living here forever. If that’s your wish, of course. And we’ll do everything we can to make certain that happens.

Number 2. If you have any questions, any concerns, or feel like you just need to get something off your chest, tell us. We’ll do everything we can improve whatever might be troubling you.

Number 3. We view our apartments as communities, so let’s work together to build a community of thoughtful residents and helpful neighbors who are mindful of each other.

Pay Rent Online

You may pay your monthly payments online using a free service called Paylease. You may access your account information online to view charges, see payments, and view your lease documents.

  1. Click “Pay Online” button below.
  2. On the Resident Login screen, click “Create New Account”.
  3. Enter your email address on file with our office.
  4. Create a username and password and click continue

While logged in to Resident Web Access, click the tabs at the top of the page to:

  • View your open charges
  • Display your transaction history
  • Make a payment
  • Change your password and update personal information

If you need assistance using Tenant Web Access, please go to the provider website,, and submit a case or contact Zego (Powered by PayLease) for support.

Pay Online

Refer-A-Friend Program

It’s simple – tell everyone you know about our Prime Urban Properties.

You get to choose your neighbors AND receive a $500 rent credit for each lease signed! To qualify, applicants must list your name on their application and sign a lease with us for one of our prime apartments during the term of your current lease with us.

Please contact us with questions.

Schedule Maintenance

We are taking precautions to protect you, your home, and our employees from exposure to COVID-19.

If you have been exposed to coronavirus or have experienced symptoms, we cannot enter your apartment unless it’s an emergency. We will hold your request in a queue in order of receipt date, and give notice for entry approximately 14 days from the last day your symptoms are present.

If you have not been exposed to COVID-19, have no symptoms, and agree to our safety protocol, we will enter your apartment for repairs within the next five business days.

PUP staff will wear masks while they are in your home and will sanitize hands prior to entering. Our staff is fully vaccinated and has been practicing social distancing as well as adhering to disinfecting guidelines. They are not exhibiting any symptoms and have agreed to stop work immediately should symptoms present.

By submitting a maintenance request, you agree that no one in your household is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or has been exposed to anyone with symptoms or anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 recently. You are also agreeing to wear a mask or leave the premises while our staff is present.


For non-maintenance related issues like the ones listed below, please contact your property manager via email. For after-hours emergencies (scroll for list below), please call our on-call emergency service at 608.283.7845.

  • Noise disturbance – resident should attempt to communicate with the neighbor, if the neighbor may not be aware they’re causing a disturbance. Otherwise, please contact police.
  • Parking issues – someone parked in your parking stall, please find and use street parking temporarily until the next business day or, if a vehicle owner is in clear violation of proper signage in the parking area, contact parking enforcement.

Emergency Maintenance

In order to balance excellent resident service and provide our employees rest and family time, this list is comprised of calls that would require immediate service. Non-emergencies and calls not listed will be held as a message to deliver on the next business day by 10:00 a.m. Please note if your call does not fit within the list of emergencies, the answering service will not contact an on-call technician. Emergencies include:

  • No heat or unable to maintain 67 degrees or more in apartment
  • No A/C or unable to maintain less than 80 degrees (a temporary air conditioner will be provided until the next business day).
  • Flooding, such as a water heater, or water intrusion unnaturally into the apartment (from ceiling or through a closed window)
  • Garage doors not opening or blocked access
  • Elevators stuck or not operating
  • Overflowing sinks/toilets – turn off water valve located underneath the sink/behind toilet. Try to plunge the sink or toilet prior to calling the service.
  • Lockouts – lock out service calls incur a $125 charge. Acknowledgement of and agreement to the fee is required for lock out services.
  • Fire Alarm/ Smoke Alarm/ Carbon Monoxide/ Water alarm sounding.
  • No electricity – call MG&E at 608.252.7222 for possible outage in your area.
  • Gas odor – call MG&E at 608.252.7222, then call the on-call service.

For the above emergencies, call 608.233.6000 during regular business hours. For after-hour emergencies, call 608.283.7845.