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Spring Cleaning Tips: 10 Basics to Refresh Your Space



With the onset of spring often comes the itch to hit the reset button on your life and make everything around you feel fresh and clean again. Your living space is the first stop in the process and no renewal is complete until you thoroughly clean and organize that home base. New supplies make the whole experience that much faster and effective, so stock up before the green leaves make their first appearance on the trees.

  1. If you have to have a trash can (and face it, you do) it’s nice to have a tall, bright red one in your corner. This steel version is a great hands-free option from Rubbermaid and is available from Amazon for $43.41.
  2. An everyday cleaning solution from Mrs. Meyers that doesn’t go easy on dirt and the stinky stuff, but uses natural and fresh-smelling ingredients to do the job. Sold by SC Johnson through Amazon for $3.59
  3. Every household needs a good sturdy broom to tackle floors, and what better choice than this durable and solid corn husk one made in Pennsylvania Dutch County? Sold by Decorative Things through Amazon for $59.99.
  4. A cleaning basic with a simple wooden and horsehair design, this .Made by Weiler and sold on Amazon for $14.39 with Prime.
  5. Microfiber is pure magic for capturing dust and this tool takes full advantage of the material’s helpful properties. The head also pops off and is machine washable for easy cleaning. Made by OXO and available from Amazon for $12.00.
  6. A stack of all-purpose and reusable cleaning cloths that minimizes the need for paper towels. Keep a stack on hand in every room and reach for one whenever you need to wipe something down. This 12-pack is from the Rag Company and is available from Amazon for $17.95.
  7. A heavy-duty metal dustpan whose black surface doesn’t highlight all the dirt and dust it picks up, and a no-frills option that ensures you’ll never have to buy another dustpan again. Available from Impact through Amazon for $10.36.
  8. A beautiful and refillable glass spray bottle that you can fill up with your favorite homemade cleaning solutions, or make store bought ones a little easier on the eye. Sold by Sally’s Organics through Amazon for $10.58.
  9. This sponge caddy is a super simple storage solution that suctions right on to the side of your sink, freeing up more space on your counter. Made by InterDesign and sold by Amazon for $6.99.
  10. The ultimate small scrubber brushes for getting down deep into vases and other little spaces. All your nooks and crannies will never be cleaner. Made by Droll Yankees and available from Amazon for $5.84 for a set of three.
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