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PUP Team Member Spotlight – Erin Casper!

This month, we’re meeting Prime Urban Properties’ Office Manager, Erin Casper!

Erin started with PUP last June and has been rocking the position ever since! Erin walks to work each day and along the way listens to audio books, music or calls her mom just to catch up. (So sweet!) After work, she says the first thing she does when she gets home is change into sweatpants or yoga pants. She loves to spend her alone time taking bubble baths, watching her favorite TV shows, reading and snuggling her adorable dog, Barkley. Erin is super adventurous and says the most daring thing she’s ever done is gone skydiving. However, she also said she’s gone ziplining and hang gliding, and wants to swim with the sharks! If she could live anywhere, Erin says she would want to live within walking distance to all the people she loves, and that living somewhere warm near water would be a great plus! Before coming to Prime Urban Properties, Erin was a teacher! She says that when she was a 4K teacher, she started collecting elephants because her class was the 4K elephants. However, she had to stop because she ended up with way too many! When asked how her 10-year-old self would react to what she does now, Erin says “with an eyeroll – we really do turn into our parents. Good thing my parents are the best!”. (Awe!) The best advice she’s ever gotten from a family member is to always leave a place better than you found it! Her favorite tradition is ALL of her families Christmas traditions, particularly their Christmas Eve fondue dinners! Erin’s favorite movies are “While You Were Sleeping” and “Tangled”. She says when she was a kid, she had long blonde hair and others would call her Rapunzel and tell that her personality is akin to the Disney princess. Erin and her husband got married on July 21, 2021, at 7:00pm, under the Tree of Life in New Orleans! She says he is what makes her laugh the most! (Cuties!) We’re so happy to have Erin as a part of the office team.

Next time you call or stop into our office, make sure to say “Hi” to Erin!

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