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Meet the PUP Team – Tori Poulin

This month, meet Tori!

Tori began with Prime Urban Properties last summer and is back helping with grounds keeping and maintenance in the Atwood neighborhood. Tori recently graduated high school and is enjoying learning new things and gaining new skills at work. When Tori was growing up, he wanted to be a veterinarian. He still loves animals, insects, and all wildlife, but is not as interested in becoming a veterinarian. Tori listens to True Crime podcast to get motivated for the day and his favorite food are strawberry crepes. (YUM!) He is still learning to drive, but if he could have any car, he would want a DMC Delorean. (Fancy!) Tori says his most unusual habit is talking to himself. (Honestly, same!) If he could meet one person, past or present, he would want to meet Bob Ross. (Knowing Tori, I bet the two of them would paint some pretty beautiful trees!) While a DMC Delorean will not get him there, if Tori could visit one place in the world, he would want to travel to the The Dead Sea.
We are lucky to have Tori to help keep our Atwood community looking good! So, if you ever see Tori around, be sure to say “Hi”!

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