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Meet the PUP Team: Josh Kirore

This month, meet Josh!Josh just graduated from high school and is helping/training with our maintenance team over the summer before heading off to college.Josh says the best way to start the day is with music. (AGREED! Although, a quiet morning can be lovely too.) It takes him roughly 15 to 20 minutes to get ready in the morning. (Efficient!) If Josh won the lottery, the first thing he would do is start his own business. (Fancy!) On the subject of business, he believes he is most likely to become famous for his own business and wishes he knew more about stocks. (Sound like he is going for the right degree! You guessed it, BUSINESS!) On the weekend, Josh likes to hang out with friends, lift, and play basketball. The most relaxing place he has ever been is the basketball court. The Notebook is a movie Josh refuses to watch. (Sooo many tears!) In the coming months, he is looking forward to starting college. (WOOT! Go Josh!) We are lucky to have him for the summer!So if you see him around, be sure to say ‘Hi!’ and maybe ask him about his business plan.

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