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Meet the PUP Team: Jessica Pasch

The PUP team member we’re going to get to know a little better this month is Jessica Pasch, Prime Urban Properties’ Marketing Manager and Leasing Agent!

As a small human, Jessica dreamed of being a writer. Writing comes so naturally to Jessica that she says if you ever receive a short email from her, she probably put in some real effort to make it that way. Aside from babysitting, Jessica says her first job was Corn de-tasseling and she lasted about 3 weeks. She says it rained a lot and was super muddy, but they tried to make it fun by having contests on who could miss the fewest tassels in a row. However, she lost and says she was “the worst corn de-tasseler”. I can tell you though, Jessica is definitely NOT the worst at being a Leasing Agent! In fact, last year, Jessica took home an award from AASCW’s Awards of Excellence for “Leasing Representative of the Year” and this year took home an Honorable Mention for the same category! She says her favorite thing about her current position is being able to get out and meet lots of different people, and to help them choose the best apartment for their needs (Awe!). I asked Jessica what the first thing she would do if she won the lottery. Like anyone sane in this state at this time of year, she replied “Travel somewhere WARM”! Speaking of travel, Jessica says that traveling to Ireland is next on her bucket list of destinations because it looks so beautiful and she loves the accents of the people! If she could travel to any fictional place, she would go to The Whedon-vers (Buffy Fans, am I right?) or The Muppet Show! If she was a super-hero, her two powers would be flying and super strength! The appliance she uses every day? A Keurig (she needs that coffee)! She prefers a little crunch to her ice cream, and loves to top it with crushed up Oreo’s, M&M’s and nuts. She speaks 2 languages, English & Spanish (and lots of absurd, random and inappropriate phrases in a variety of other languages), prefers waterslides over rollercoasters and any 80’s pop song will get her out on the dance floor! If she could only eat one meal for the rest of her life, she says she would have a breakfast sandwich from Daisy Café and the best way to spend her birthday is with a steak dinner, a good wine and a movie! One thing she says she really wants, but can’t afford? A Mercedes, because they are so pretty. And when asked what the best book or series she’s ever read, Jessica said anything written by Neil Gaiman and/or Terry Pratchett. Finally, I asked her what her favorite holiday tradition is and she said there is a Christmas Music CD that she keeps in her car and she looks forward to being able to play that each year!

If you see Jessica around your property, make sure you say “Hi!”

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