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Meet the PUP Team: Jennifer Owens!

As part of our “Meet the PUP Team” series, we’re getting to know our fearless leader, Jennifer, a little better. Aside from being an awesome property manager and the President and Co-Owner of Prime Urban Properties, what else does she have going on? Well, for starters, she LOVES eggs and eats one every day! She says she thinks this is her most unusual habit. But I don’t think it’s too unusual because she says her favorite food is breakfast (or brunch) which I think most of us can relate to (I mean, who doesn’t like a mimosa or a Bloody Mary on a Sunday morning?). When growing up, a tiny little Jennifer had a big crush on Prince and wanted to grow up to be a dancer. Now, she gets motivated for the day by dancing around to 80’s hip-hop and R&B. Speaking of hip-hop, Jennifer says something special about her that most people don’t know is that she can rap, she knows all the words to La-di-da-di (an 80’s hit). She also says she is a bit of a nerd. If she could have any car in the world, she would get a Tesla, and if she could meet anyone in the world, it would be Barack Obama. Her fondest memories are those of her son as a baby and a toddler (aww!). A dream vacation would be traveling to Australia to see the Great Barrier Reef. If you see Jennifer out and about, challenge her to a rap battle!

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