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Madison Living Inspires!

When you choose to reside at a Prime Urban Properties location, you get so much more than just a beautiful home, friendly and helpful management staff, and fast top-quality maintenance services! Inspiration abounds in this wonderful community, and one of our favorite places to boost creativity is The Terrace. The Memorial Union Terrace is a place that inspires creativity in everyone who steps foot in the space. Between its iconic sunburst chairs and unbeatable sunset views, the Terrace boasts features no other location in Madison ⎯ or in Wisconsin ⎯ can beat. Wheelhouse Studios, the in-house art studio, hosts programs on the Terrace for members to express themselves through arts and crafts with the help of a little Terrace inspiration. Programs include creating Terrace chair paintings using mixed media and combining acrylic paints with colorful buttons to create button trees. Wheelhouse also hosts free programs on many Wednesday nights for small arts and crafts projects. There’s nothing quite like sitting down with a cold drink and a paint brush while enjoying the sights and sounds of the Terrace on a warm summer night.

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