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Decorating Your Own Balcony Nook

When we ran across these pictures of Sandra’s thrifted balcony we got jealous. Not only have we been meaning to spend some quiet morning time outside before the heat becomes unreasonable (as a side note: man Pasadena is so much warmer than Venice) but we hadn’t even gotten around to really creating a space half this appealing. I mean, she’s got a tablecloth and everything. Jump below for some more pictures and 5 ideas to steal:







Sandra’s balcony nook is small but totally functional and appealing, really making use of what could just be a spot collecting clutter. Here are the tips we take away:

1. Geraniums. Geraniums are some really hardy plants and can display beautiful blooms that feel lush and happy. Take a stem off a friend’s plant and shove it in some soil, keep it moist, it will become its own plant. This works with most pelargoniums so you have your choice of color palette.

2. Tablecloth. Wow, nothing seems to make a space feel clean and finished like a clean tablecloth. It covers imperfections, adds some color and pattern and makes it feel fresh and clean.

3. Thrift it. You don’t need expensive furniture to make an appealing outdoor space–search craigslist, search local alleys, and find something that’s the right size and isn’t actually falling apart. If you put the tablecloth on, you won’t even have to worry about it being in great shape!

4. Hanging Plants. Not that the plants are hanging, but the most spectacular geranium is actually off the ground and hanging from the balcony railing where it can be seen and doesn’t take up valuable floor space.

5. Keep It Simple. This is the tip we most need to employ. We tend to add more and more to a small space thinking that it will ’round it out’ and make it feel finished. But really, on her small deck she’s got 4 or 5 small plants, a table and 2 chairs (and a nice little rug, too!) and that’s enough to feel inviting but not crowded.

Bonus Tip: Coffee. We’re imagining that pink thermos is filled with tasty coffee. Never underestimate the power of coffee to get you places, even outdoors in the heat.

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