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Body & Brain Yoga & Taichi

Classes Overview

Daily classes are the backbone of Body & Brain yoga programs. Whether you take a morning class for an active day, or an evening class for resting your busy mind, our signature exercises of relaxation, energy awareness, and core-building will leave you feeling strong, calm, and refreshed. Our classes vary throughout the week for a more dynamic practice experience. A typical Body & Brain yoga class lasts about an hour and includes:

Warm-Up (Core Strengthening Exercises)


These include tapping and abdominal exercises to release tension and prepare the body for Meridian Exercises.


Tao Yin Meridian Exercises


Deep stretching, twisting, and joint rotation exercises to improve circulation and alignment. These exercises stimulate the body’s energy pathways, called meridians.


Core Energy Breathing


Breathing exercise based on the energy system of the human body to develop and strengthen the core and foster natural healing.


Energy Meditation


Learn to relax and shift your focus away from busy thoughts through enhanced energy awareness.


Cool Down (Energy Refreshing Exercises)


End each class with rejuvenating meridian stretching to promote energy flow.


Tea Time


In East Asia, drinking tea is often an occasion for meditation as well as socializing. Body & Brain yoga uses tea time as a chance for practitioners to share their impressions of class or ask the instructors questions.

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