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Sweet & Simple Ways to Show Your Home You Love It This Valentine’s Day

Do you love where you live almost as much as you love your life partner? Are you single this year and looking for a hot date with an emotionally available living space? This year, forget the chocolates and corny Valentine’s Day cards and spend some time treating your home to a little lovin’ this February 14th.

Buy or DIY a front door wreath

It’s not just about greeting your guests with a little bit of seasonal cheer. It’s about greeting yourself, too, after a long day at work or away from home. By adding a little bit of friendly cheer to your front door, you create a mini smile moment for whoever graces your front stoop, as well as crown your home as worthy of a little bit of visual attention.

Light it right

Look, no one looks great when they’re lit improperly, and your home is no exception. Whether you just focus on the main room of your home like your living room, or you focus on the rooms you spend the most time in (and want to look your best in), it’s worth it to take the time to make sure you’re properly lighting it.

Do a “little things” sweep

Picking up those errant dust bunnies before your next vacuuming. Straightening the picture frames. Tightening that door knob. Fluffing the throw pillows. It’s the decor equivalent of straightening your lover’s bowtie or picking a stray hair off the back of their sweater. It’s just small little things that don’t take a lot of time but show a little bit of affection and effort at making your home’s appearance slightly better.

Buy it flowers

Yep, flowers are the little jewels that can make a home feel like it’s smiling at you.

Clean a spot you don’t normally get to

Like, for real, when’s the last time you cleaned your ceiling fans? Or your baseboards? Or the spot underneath your refrigerator? Or your refrigerator coils even? Even if you regularly clean the rest of your home, you can make your home (and yourself) feel special by getting to these rarely cleaned spots.

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